The Effects of Homlessness

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Families that become homeless endure countless moves between friends and realatives homes trying to stay together. they are moved into shelters where ultimately they end up separated and children are put into foster care, this separation only adds to the agony which latter leads to these children in turn ending up homeless as adults. do to emotional and behavior issues stemming from childhood Homeless children and families suffer many hardships such as poor health and increased sickness. many of these homeless children are poorly educated and have developmental delays as well as emotional problems. homeless children have a higher rate of learning disabilities than children that are not homeless and sadly these homeless children and their families have experienced violence in many forms starting at a young age. the burden of homelessness on a family has led to total break down of the family unit. Homeless Families with children have experienced ,frequent moves , separation and foster care, poor health, inadequate education, development delays,exposure to Violence, and being stereotyped.

Families are typically thought to be made up of a mother father and children but this is not the norm for many. for countless homeless children their family is made up of a mother and siblings usually a mother and two young children. they are indeed a family unit just like the mother and father unit but face more difficulties and hardships they are forced to make difficult dicision. Frequent moves pelage homeless families and for some children this seems to be a normal part of their life. for the lucky homeless , family and friends take them in, sometimes shuffling them back and forth between their houses. homeless families with children often...

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