The Effects of Fast Food

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The Effects of Fast Food
Fast food is taking over today’s society these days people are buying it more and more and as they keep buying it they are gaining weight like crazy and the food becomes addictive. The food at the fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King and Taco bell etc. produces artificial foods meaning there are no real ingredients in the food they serve to their customers. Fast food is not healthy for people because people are gaining weight excessively, the food contains unhealthy contents, and all the unhealthy ingredients can cause diabetes or other serious health issues.
Fast food causes people to gain weight excessively. If the parents eat fast food everyday then they are most definitely feeding it to their children who need nutrients and healthy foods to grow. Overweight children can develop high blood pressure and high blood sugar, which raises their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes when they grow up. Obesity rates have doubled among adults and tripled among children and adolescents. Overtime eating many artificial foods and neglecting to exercise can result in weight gain. The America populations study cardiac suggests that frequent fast food consumptions is positively associated with weight gain and risk of insulin resistance over 15 years. Since obesity is starting at a young age due to the eating habits of the mother more women are breast-feeding and breast fed babies are more likely to have a healthy weight. Obesity rates declined among low income preschool children because the parents cannot afford to always buy fast food so the child is able to eat healthier. Food can become a trap when it is used as a substitute for love, friendship, or success; food is even used to cove...

... middle of paper ... a March 2012 “Public Health Nutrition” article. The more fast food you eat, the greater your risk of depression becomes, the study concluded.
Fast food affects people’s lives dramatically. It causes health issues from serious weight gain to diabetes. The contents in the food cause some people to have addictions to the food to where they would eat it every day. Fast food usually has no organic foods in them; they have artificial factory-made foods that have a lot of fat and sugar. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King etc. are not places that people should eat every day; people should only eat it once a week if even that often. Harmful eating disorders due to fast food include compulsive overeating, bulimia, the binge, purge syndrome, anorexia nervosa, and self-starvation. Sometimes eating fast food is not bad it is only bad when you consume huge amounts of it.
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