The Effects of Divorce on All Parties Involved

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Growing up on the outskirts of the city, known to many as the “hood”, a lot of my friends were victims of divorced mothers and fathers. Growing up with these kids from elementary to high school they were often always the ones getting in trouble, fighting, and being expelled from school. On the other hand, children like me that came from married families hardly ever got in trouble, and we had much better social skills towards our peers and also the teachers. This made me realize, that maybe the reason they act this way is because they received a lack of parenting and discipline at home. This made me fear the thought of my parents getting a divorce and dislike the mere thought of divorce in its entirety. Not only for the kid’s sake, divorce can be bad for a number of reasons. Divorce is a bad decision because it punishes two individuals emotionally, financially, and often affects the children of the divorce more so than anything.
Marriage without a doubt is a very serious matter. To me marriage is a sacred commitment between two people who have strong deep emotions for each other. With that being said it can be confirmed that divorce can be emotionally overwhelming. “After an divorce many people often feel undesirable or unloved, and put them in a position where they are constantly reminded of former, perhaps happier, time”(Kassman). It’s hard coming to the realization that the person somebody planned to spend the rest of his or her life with doesn’t even want to be with them any longer. That factor of a divorce could lower a person’s self-esteem, and make them feel like they’re worthless. That person will always have the memories of when both them and their ex-spouse were happily in love, and the mere thought that they’ll never s...

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... broken homes” (Horn). Parents sometimes forget to consider the child’s wellbeing after experiencing a divorce, they feel since the children say that they don’t care than everything is alright. When in actuality that child is very distraught and torn apart completely inside. Divorce in a home often teaches children bad habits; children tend to quit more in life when their parents are split up. Divorce is one of the most detrimental things a child can face.
Divorce takes away from people mentally, emotionally, kills damages kids cognitive tremendously. Divorce takes away from the American value of a family. At one point a divorce was sought out to be the worst and last resort, but now it’s become so common people don’t look down on it anymore and feel that its natural, but it’s not. The thought of the divorce is a poison to society and the American way life and love.
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