The Effects of Child Abuse

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The Effects of Child Abuse Unfortunately, five children die daily due to abuse and neglect. According to the World Health Organization, “Mental conditions and suicidal behavior are side effects of maltreatment towards infants and younger children. Some of damaging behavior caused by abuse may include the following: Depression, alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, anxiety disorders, hatred and violence towards others, PTSD and an increase in sexual behaviors” (Violence and Injury Prevention). This document will examine the side effects of child maltreatment. Immediate Effects of Child Abuse Physical abuse is when an individual intentionally harms or injures another. Some of the physical effects of child abuse include the following: • Unexplained bruises, burns, bite marks, fractures etc. • Head and internal injuries • Anti-social behavior • Problems in school • Fear of adults (Immediate Effects of Child Abuse) Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse Childhood maltreatment interferes with vital developmental periods. Chronic stress and traumatic experiences makes the prefrontal cortex vulnerable, causing poor intellectual development and decision-making functioning. This type of functioning is responsible for many day-to-day functions, including: planning, organizing, inhibition, problem solving, reasoning, and ability to remember and pay attention (Widom & Nikulina, 2013). According to an article on ChildHelp, “United States prisons consist of 50 percent of men and women who were abused as children. And unfortunately, about 33 percent of children who are abused and or neglected will maltreat their own children” (National Child Abuse Statistics). • In the U.S., alarming number of children, 1,570, died in 2011 d... ... middle of paper ... ...rrific events in the past and can move on. When considering treatment methods, it is also very vital to be aware of the child’s culture heritage. To truly understand how to help them, he helpers must know the customs and beliefs of the particular culture. Abusive parents usually feel unloved and unworthy of themselves. They were deprived of a childhoods themselves, and have very low self-esteem. Hence, it is important to treat both the parents and the children. Child abuse is certainly an issue that can be prevented. Parents must get educated about ways to prevent it, and cope with their stress. They should also seek help when necessary. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and it is vital to bring them up correctly. We need a confident new generation to lead us. And it is the parents’ duty to ensure their physical and emotional needs are met.

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