The Effects of Bullying and Why Should It Be Stopped

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Good morning everybody. I am up here today to give you all a speech about school bullying. Basically, my purpose is to tell you all more about the effects of school bullying and why should it be stopped. Do you all know that one in every four children is a victim of bullying? (P2, Neurotic Ramblings) From the 519 students surveyed by the organization, 129 claimed they had been bullied. (P2, Sunday times 16/7/2006) School bullying is a kind of bullying which happens in an educational environment. The behaviour must be repeated and aggressive in order for it to be considered bullying. So what are the effects of school bullying? Firstly, victims who are bullied can lose interest in school. (Victim point 1, Source 2) This is so as they feel that they are useless after these bullies torment them. They may suffer physically and mentally such as developing depression, anxiety. (Victim point 2, Source 2) One such example would be an incident which happened two years ago. Kenny was a primary one student then, and because of his younger age, his assailants kicked and punched him. It was till the time when Kenny complained of a stomach-ache and refused to say anything that his parents found out that he was being bullied. Despite complaining to the school a few times, it seemed that the situation itself did not improve and that was when he decided to lodge a police report. (P1-P23, Bryna, The New Paper, Mon, Feb 13 2012) This shows that the bully is persistent in his actions, despite several actions taken by the teachers in school. His actions could cause much harm to his surrounding peers or may influence others to join him. Not only would they lose interest in schools, they might also feel even more sad and lonely, experience changes in... ... middle of paper ... ...ounding peers, but themselves too in future. They might even feel that they are better than the rest and continue exploiting others. In conclusion, we all should put a stop towards bullying. Bullying does neither one of us any good but only cause problem to everyone. Isn’t living a peaceful life what all of us wish for? We can start having it by just preventing the minor issues in life such as this. All of us have better things to worry about and we should not let this kind of small things get in our way. Treat others the way as how you want to be treated. If you treat others nicely, they would definitely treat you nicely back, and vice versa. I hope that all of you have learnt some knowledge of bullying and try your best to spread this knowledge to your surrounding peers. Thank you all for taking your precious time to listen to me and let’s stop bullying!

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