The Effects of Alcohol

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The Effects of Alcohol Works Cited Not Included Alcohol is a substance that has numerous diverse affects on the body-both positive and negative. Alcohol not only kills brain cells, but when taken in profusion it has almost no constructive affects. Sure it can make one overlook his/her problems, but the consequences of drinking in excess far outweigh the benefits. It is not a crime to get drunk, however alcohol will almost always cause one to conduct them self in a way he or she would not normally behave. For instance, a sober man will not usually drive ninety-five mph down I-95, however, after consuming a good amount of alcohol, his eyesight, judgement, reflexes and abilities are hindered to the point that he feels indestructible. Alcohol is a drug, and when abused it has almost no positive affects. It is the most widely used and socially acceptable drug in the world. (Taylor, 6-7) Alcohol abuse is more physically destructive than the abuse of any other popular drug. When much is consumed in a short period of time, alcohol (ethanol) causes immediate changes in the body. First it slows down the workings of the brain. The drinker?s speech may become slurred and his steps staggered. The body?s reflexes become dulled as the nervous system slows down. (Taylor, 14) The drinker does not always realize this and may feel as if he is perfectly capable of normal functioning, but this is not always so. His abilities are impaired and he should not be given responsibility. Alcohol is often incorporated in many different aspects in our society. It is drunk as part of social celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and parties. It is also drunk as a salve for the emotional pain of rejection and heartache. Alcoholi... ... middle of paper ... ...teens are purchasing alcoholic beverages from irresponsible storeowners. In 1997, it was recorded that 56% of eighth graders have tried alcohol, as well as 71% of tenth graders, 80% of twelfth graders, rising to 88% in college students. These are large numbers when stated that the legal drinking age in almost all fifty states is twenty-one. In conclusion, the public as a whole needs to learn when enough is enough. It is fine to drink, but the key is to drink in moderation. People should not allow themselves to get ?totally trashed? or ?ridiculously wasted?, but drink with maturity. It is not a crime to get drunk, it is the things one does when he/she becomes intoxicated that will get them incarcerated. People will always drink, but there need to be strict laws enforced for the punishment of those who choose not to be responsible while under the influence.

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