The Effects of Advertising

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The Effects of Advertising To advertise is to ‘make generally or public known, to praise publicity in order to encourage to buy or use something, to ask or offer by public notice.’ Advertising persuades, informs, competes and, indeed, entertains. The word ‘advertise’ comes from the French word ‘avertir’ which means ‘to warn’. Many years ago, chemists, barbers, prostitutes, etc would have relied on advertising to promote their business. Chemists (or apothecary) would have advertised their business with their logo- a remedy bottle with a serpent snake wrapped around it. Whereas barbers where instantly recognised by a red and white striped pole outside their shop. Prostitutes would have advertised their speciality of sex in a picture above their bed, in the brothels. In the past twenty years, there has been an increase of two thousand per cent in the amount of adverts shown on television each day (from two hundred a day to four thousand, five hundred). In the 1980s, people were happy to see an advert make the product look good but, nowadays, people prefer honesty. People now want to see a just society, ‘Asian families and people in wheelchairs in ads- not pretty people!’ ‘Pester Power’ 1995. Death and sexuality were ‘never to be seen in adverts’ but in recent years, companies such as DOE have begun creating shocking ads to show the real ending- not a happy one. A wide range of techniques are used in the art of advertising. Colour immediately attracts attention. Although red, popular as it is and yellow, bright and eye catching are the two most commonly used colours in advertising, the simplicity of black or white can just a... ... middle of paper ... ...Advertising does do more harm than good and the reason for this is because of many factors but I feel the greatest factor is money. It takes a lot of money for the advertisement to be made in the first place- there is the employing of the idea people, the cost of the actor in the ad (if there is one) and furthermore if the person is famous, the cost of buying time on television, etc. Also, if the product is unsuccessful, all this money has gone to waste and the company may end up losing money. There is then the amount it costs the parents to buy their child the next must have product after they have continually pestered them about it. Of course the other factors such as stress on parents, offence to people (when offensive comedy is used or certain cultures are offended) all make advertising do more harm than good.

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