The Effects Of Water From Air Machines On The World

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In the United States, we take for granted the luxury of clean drinking water. There are many counties that yearn for the cleanly vital essential infrastructural nutrient that we in the United States and many other developed counties take for granted. According to, a website and movement founded by actor Matt Damon, there are seven-hundred and eighty-three million people without clean drinking water in the world. Africa is the country with the highest need for clean water harnessing three-hundred and forty-five million by its lonesome. Asia is not far behind accounting for two-hundred million people in need of water. These statistics equate to a statistic that is even more alarming. 3.4 million people per year die from contaminated water. This is more than the amount of people that die due to war each year. A hopeful solution to this problem is the development of water from air machines. One may ask, how can this be done? It is quite simple in theory. Much like dehumidifier moisture is pulled out of humid air and is condensed. It is stored in a water tank and then put t...

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