The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children

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The day is Tuesday, April 20, 1999. All the students of Columbine High are at school expecting yet another boring day, eager to just get through the last few days left in the school year. At 11:00 in the morning, students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold placed two duffel bags in the cafeteria and went back outside. Then at 11:19 the two students started to open fire on students outside of the school. It was later found out that the duffel bags they dropped off were filled with explosives that failed to go off at the planned time of 11:17. They then proceeded with their rampage inside the school. By 11:35 they had killed 12 students, one teacher, and injured more than 20 others. After 12 p.m. their list of killed students increased by two when they took their own lives. What caused these two students to do such heinous act? Was it violence in the media? Was it the violent video games they were both known to play, or the violent music of Marilyn Manson? Was it caused by mental distress, maybe bullying? Or was it bad parenting?One thing is for sure, if guns weren 't as easy to get, the number of casualties would have been drastically lower. One of people’s favorite scape goat for violent acts is to blame video games, and this is no exception with the Columbine shooting. An anti-video game activist, Jack Thompson, not only points to the Columbine shooting, but every school shooting, claiming, “In every school shooting we find that kids who pull the trigger are video gamers.” This fact is partially true, but using it as an argument against violent video games is quite deceptive. If one was to fully analyze the argument, all the other teenagers that play video games must be brought into the picture. 97% of teenagers play video games, so... ... middle of paper ... ... pulled but it doesn 't have to be cocked or reloaded before the next bullet is fired. In short, they fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Full-automatics are legal but have some tight regulations. A fully automatic gun is exactly what the average person would think of when they think of a machine gun. It will rapidly fire for as long as the trigger is pulled or until it’s out of bullets. These should be entirely illegal for citizens to own. Most hunters frown upon someone who would use a full-automatic gun to hunt since it takes away most of the skill required to take out the prey, and in most states it is illegal to hunt with one all together. So, they don 't do much good besides shooting galleries, mounting, and some more illegal activities. If Eric and Dylan got their hands on a full-automatic, the casualty count that day would have been significantly higher.
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