The Effects Of Video Games On Gamers

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The Effects of Violent Video Games on Gamers The controversy over the effects of violent video games is a never ending battle between gamers and science. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the issue, all saying the same thing: violent video games are correlated with an increased risk of hostility in gamers. However, correlation does not necessarily mean causation, meaning that video games cannot be condemned as the singular cause of aggressive behaviors. Furthermore, this is not the only effect these games have on people. Violent video games are shown to have positive effects, such as boosting learning in children, improvements in visuospatial cognition, and perhaps the most interesting, a decrease in violent crime. In 2005, the American Psychological Association released a bold statement that advocated for “the reduction of all violence in video games and interactive media marketed to children and youth.” Understandably, the controversial statement upset many researchers, psychologists, criminologists, and media scholars. As a result, they made a decision to cosign a letter to the APA asking them to reevaluate their statement. One of these individuals was a Stetson University researcher, Christopher Ferguson. He is recorded stating that “The impression that a link exists is a classic illusory correlation in which society takes note of the cases that fit and ignores those that don’t. When a shooter is a young male, the news media make a fuss over violent video games, neglecting to inform the public that almost all young males play violent video games. Finding that a particular young shooter happened to play these games is neither surprising nor meaningful.” On the same note, Ferguson has worked on research with so-calle... ... middle of paper ... ...t playing violent video games is mindless and leads to violence in youth. In fact, of the people surveyed, 63.64% of people stated they feel as if media violence does have a negative effect on viewers. (Trotter.) However, according to several studies, shooter video games that are often violent, strengthen spatial navigation, reasoning, memory, and perception. When it comes to causing violence in youth, “No one’s yet produced a study linking video games to violent crime, and where behavioral researchers claim to have found relatively weak links between violent video games and increased aggressive behavior, those studies fail to quantify or contextualize said aggression.” (Peckham.) In fact, violent crime goes down as the sales of video games goes up. From 1996 to 2014, violent crime has declined 64%, while video game sales have risen to over 200 million in most years.
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