The Effects Of Unsteady Blood Sugar Levels

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Home Unsteady blood sugar levels can be caused by many factors in a person 's life. If someone eats a high calorie diet full of carbohydrates, this will initially spike blood sugar levels, then they will drop suddenly. The lower blood sugar will make a person feel worse, so they will eat something again so they feel better. But if their food choice is more junk food, they will just end up repeating the cycle all over again. This is one reason that so many people suffer from obesity. Stress, dehydration, and even the temperature of the room or water that a person is in can also influence blood sugar levels too. Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar Usually, low blood sugar is caused by a person going for too long of a period of time without eating. For the most part, this only causes mild distress on the body. A person might feel dizzy, weak, and maybe disoriented. A small glass of orange juice and a light snack will help lift their levels back up. But severe low blood sugar symptoms can happen if someone takes their insulin injection before getting into a hot shower or bath. The heat from the water dilates the blood vessels, so the insulin goes through the body too rapidly. People with diabetes have to be very careful about the temperature of the water that they bathe in because it can lower blood sugar so quickly that they will pass out. And even though saunas and hot tubs are relaxing and enjoyable, these must be avoided as well. Symptoms of High Blood Sugar A large meal, sweet dessert, or missing a dose of insulin is often the cause of high blood sugar. Figuring out how to lower blood sugar is more complicated than raising it up. If it gets to be too high, a diabetic person can end up in a coma or have severe health complications... ... middle of paper ... hands on on how to lower blood sugar fast with supplements for years, but it was only recently that I actually had no choice but to take some. I ended up in the hospital for a few days because my sugar got up to over 400 mg/dl. The doctor said I could have ended up in a coma. Now, I never leave home without taking my supplements. My wife of 50 years always did all of the cooking for us. She was always sure to make foods that lower blood sugar part of each of our meals. But after she died, I had no idea how I would manage making food on my own. All I can cook are microwave dinners, and they are not good for my diabetes. So I decided to give some natural glucose regulating supplements a try after my granddaughter told me about them. I have to say that I am impressed. Though my meals are less than nutritious, my sugar has been steady. I am so glad that I tried them.

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