The Effects Of Tobacco On The United States

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Using of Tobacco Did anyone have a habit of chewing or smoke tobacco? Tobacco was make from one kind of plant’s leaves, but it is dangerous to health. Uses of tobacco was still in all over the world, but many countries passed laws to try to reduce tobacco use (Smoking). “In the United States, a variety of federal, state, and local laws restrict the sale, use, and advertising of tobacco products, however, government organizations and individuals who have been harmed by cigarette smoke have also used the courts to attack the tobacco industry” (Smoking). They made the rule but then also people does not follow it. Most of the developing country sell tobacco openly; they gave cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco to anyone and to any age’s people. In fact, Nepal is developing country, when I was there I used to buy any tobacco product openly in any store. They did not ask ID card also, but here in the United States of America it is illegal to sell anyone under eighteen. In most of the counties people smoke openly everywhere but here in the America they protect nonsmokers from exposure from smoker people by passing the laws limiting smoking in public places. According to the New York Times, “public health experts said the tobacco industry’s use of so-called investor-state dispute settlement tribunals had become so widespread that many poorer countries were abandoning their antismoking efforts” (Calmes). According to the national cancer policy board, institute and medicine, and national research council are affiliate with the national academy of sciences, a private, nonprofit academy of scholars dedicated with the advancement of science and technology said the gro... ... middle of paper ... ... Such statements encourage people to thought positive about tobacco. In conclusion, the argument in this paper are based on negative effects of using tobacco. to prevent babies’ premature birth, to prevent people cause from cancer, and to aware people from heart diseases government should make illegal law to use of tobacco all over the world. In this world, not only the smoker people get health problems, but nonsmoker also cause health problems from secondhand smokers or from environment tobacco smoke. According to a 2014 report by the Surgeon General, in the United States every year 7,300 lung cancer deaths and 34,00 heart disease deaths in adult nonsmoker because of secondhand smoke (Smoking). To save innocent people from early death from cancer, heart diseases and stroke we should help government to reduce uses of tobacco in the United States.
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