The Effects Of Television On Children And Adults

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Today, people live in the 21st century where people have many choices of entertainment. They have many options at their disposal. One of the oldest forms that we tend to take for granted is television. Cooking shows, game shows, comedy shows, and dramas are just a few of the thousands of television shows that meet every entertainment taste. There are so many shows on television that many people don’t know which shows to watch. Comedy television shows are a classic. Family shows are one of the most watched comedy shows. They are something that kids can enjoy while still keeping the parents entertained. Full House, a show about a typical family with a few extraordinary people; The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a show about a troubled teen taken in by his uncle and aunt; and The Cosby Show, a show about a family and all typical family troubles and disagreements; are just a few extremely popular shows that have kept families laughing for years. There are also cartoons for kids and adults. Shows along the lines of Doc McStuffins, a show about a little girl that can talk to her stuffed animals and repair them if broken; Dora the Explorer, a show about a little girl and her monkey friend that are always on a mission; and Sofia the First, a show about a little princess that solves problems with her pet rabbit; might be comical for little kids, but older people would probably rather watch Family Guy, The Simpsons, or Spongebob Squarepants. Then there are the “momma dramas,” which aren’t for everyone. These are shows like Dance Moms, a show about little girls who dance for a certain studio and their mothers, who are not very friendly or respectful and Toddlers and Tiaras, a show about little kids being in pageants. This genre of shows is broad... ... middle of paper ... ...onsidering nursing as a viable profession (Weaver 840). Also men in nursing on television are presented in contradictory ways that both expose and reinforce stereotypes (Weaver 834). Crime shows are also a very popular drama. CSI, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds have been around for years. All three have had many seasons that have been very popular. Both types of genres continue to be watched repeatedly by younger generations. We live in a world that is full of technology that provides a number of ways to be entertained. However, TV still provides a wide array of entertainment options. There are so many new and old television shows on today that it would be hard for one to run out of shows to watch. So, no matter if a person is curious about cooking, get a kick out of playing games, enjoy laughing, or being on the edge of your seat; there is a show for him or her.
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