The Effects Of Taking Care Of Someone With Dementia

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Personal Experience; Life Life. Everyone has problems and everyone goes through things, including me. Non one is perfect and life definitely is not easy. I have experienced everything from my grandma being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, losing our house, and connecting with an absent father. I even struggled with anxiety and depression. It has really been a wild journey and now, I’m finally ready to share my views on this roller coaster that I have been on. On August 4, 2011 We found put my grandmother had early onset dementia. There were so many signs that we had missed before she had been diagnosed. Like every family would, we looked up the effects of taking care of someone with Dementia. We became like experts when it came down to taking care of her and we eventually had to move in with her over a fear of her forgetting to turn off the stove or a curling iron. On April 20, 2012 at approximately 8:30pm my grandmother became angry over something that not even I can remember. She started to scream at me telling me how she wanted me out of the house and how she “ didn’t like me very much”. In the heat of the moment, I received a phone call and for some reason she thought that I had called the cops. She followed me to my room where I had walked to get away from her and to take the call and smacked the phone out of my hand. She then began physically assaulting me and the police were called, then I was arrested. That behavior became a cycle for about five months and after that stage of the disease her doctor told us that she would have to be put on medication because the disease was progressing faster than it should have been. The medication did help although she was not com... ... middle of paper ... ... I would find out what was best for me and do things to take my mind off of the bullying, the anxiety and the depression. I started to participate in activities that I was never interested in before like jogging and exercising and they really did help. I still have minor problems with anxiety such as, picking the skin from my thumbs and mouth but I have found out ways to deal with those issues. In conclusion, I have had many things happen in my life. Some have been major and some not so much, but I can honestly say that I’m glad that I could overcome all of the troubles I endured these past few years. I’m grateful that I had the help of so many people to actually stay strong in everything I have been through. My grandmother having dementia, losing a childhood home, connecting with an absent father and overcoming mental illness have all made in huge impact in my life.

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