The Effects Of Special Interest On Our Government

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One of the most controversial topics in American politics is the influence of special interest groups on our government. Many believe the influence of special interest does more harm than good because it leaves the potential for the President and the government to work against the common good of the people. While it can be argued that special interest is both good and bad for the people, the fact is special interest groups have been influencing the Presidency since the start of the 20th century. Sometimes special interest groups and the President work symbiotically to get legislation passed, sometimes they work against each other. While the relationship between the American Presidency and special interest groups vary, this relationship influences the implementation of American policy. An example of the implementation of American policy being shaped by the relationship of the Presidency and special interest was the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Much of FDR’s Presidency was during the Great Depression, the worst economic crisis in American history. FDR looked to implement his Ne...
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