The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults

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Harm of Social Media “Man I just got the new Jordan’s today!” This is one of many posts we may see in our daily lives on social media. Social media is seen as the best way to let people know about your life and to interact with others in your community and world. But is it really all that great? Hundreds of hours people spend their time staring at a computer screen or smart phone posting, looking at trends, or just browsing when their bored. Don’t get me wrong social media is good, but when is it enough? For people can walk right by their friends or coworkers because they are staring on their phones. Not even to mention what social media can do to young adults or teens, that don’t have the same understanding of the world as most adults do. Social media can affect young adults or teens, can prevent a person from getting jobs, and is even a driving distraction. In this day and age of the twenty first century young teens and even children are more drawn into social media. To where it use to only be an adult trend and had to be a certain age to obtain a form of social media. But toda...
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