The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Social networks have certainly managed to link people more effectively in the internet world than in daily life. Unfortunately, like everything in life where there is a large common good and progress in society; there is also a dark side that overshadows and produces a range of threats and consequences that must be addressed to avoid causing further damage. For example, social media can alienate people from their normal lives, and cause distractions in workplaces. Social media can also have a negative impact on cognitive skills, the health of individuals, and pose serious risks to the security of private data of individuals. One could say that today 's youth has changed the social life for a virtual life. Social networks themselves are not…show more content…
The researchers wanted to know a few things: how their subjects felt overall, how worried and lonely they were, how much they had used Facebook, and how often they had had direct interaction with others since the previous text message. Kross found that the more people used Facebook in the time between the two texts, the less happy they felt—and the more their overall satisfaction declined from the beginning of the study until its end. The data, he argues, shows that Facebook was making them unhappy." (Konnikova). The use of networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a new natural condition but use them compulsively can cause psychological problems. Clearly, these social networks are part of the new ways to stay connected with others and are a factor of socialization "indispensable". But being constantly checking for updates of social networks has negative consequences as we pay little attention at work, in college, etc. People really do not realize the great impact that can cause compulsive use of mobile phones or tablets, and when they realize it is too

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