The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On The Academic Performance Of The College Students

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Abstract Sleep deprivation is expected to affect the cognitive and behavioral attitude of human beings. This study attempts to analyze the impact of sleep deprivation on the academic performance of the college students. The study uses an appropriate sample of 200 students and used personal interviewing technique to collect the data. The hypothesis are made by reviewing the past literature of the same field and expected that sleep deprivation affects negatively the behavior and academic performance of the students. SLEEP DEPRIVATION 3 Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation can appear in the living beings, included both human beings and animals, either in the form of lack of sleep during a certain period of time or a shorter period of sleep than the optimal sleep time. The effects are different in human beings and animals and both have critical issues in offering their routine life jobs. As far as this research is going to be related to the effects in human beings and the effects of sleep deprivation on their performance capacity. Many research can be found in the same field that assess the impacts of sleep deprivation on the human body and their potential lack in capabilities of doing routine work. Orzel-Gryglewska assesses the consequences of sleep deprivation in human beings and briefly look for the causes and their ultimate consequences. The author lists different causes of sleep reduction and relate them to their possible consequences. The day time sleepiness of a normal person is related to the hours of sleep and the intensity of sleep a person experience. Sleep deprivation is caused not only by the lack of average sleep time per day but also it is caused by the restless sleep. The effects o... ... middle of paper ... ...e get to the analysis will be SLEEP DEPRIVATION 10 References Ahrberg, K., Dresler, M., Niedermaier, S., Steiger, A., & Genzel, L. (2012). The interaction between sleep quality and academic performance. Journal of psychiatric research, 46(12), Lowry, M., Dean, K., & Manders, K. (2010). The link between sleep quantity and academic performance for the college student. Sentience, 3, 16-9. Orzeł-Gryglewska, J. (2010). Consequences of sleep deprivation. International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health, 23(1), 95-114. Short, M. A., & Banks, S. (2014). The Functional Impact of Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Restriction, and Sleep Fragmentation. In Sleep Deprivation and Disease (pp. 13-26). Durmer, J. S., & Dinges, D. F. (2005, March). Neurocognitive consequences of sleep deprivation. In Seminars in neurology (Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 117-129).
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