The Effects Of Single Mothers In The Black Family

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Family is a precarious subject. Some people love their families, hate their families, or do not have one at all. In America, we have this ideal picture of what an American family should look like. A mom, a dad, two kids, and a dog. But, we have come to notice the family structure is ever changing and we should just throw the “ideal” picture of a family out of the window. In today’s society there might not always be a father or a mother. Grandparents or a family friend might even raise the kids. It is not who is in your family but what lessons you learn from them. Is a two-parent household, the only household that a child can be adequately raised? Are single mothers the cause of the downward spiral of the youth in the Black society? In the Moynihan report, Daniel Moynihan speculates that the mother headed household is the main cause of problems in the African American community. The Moynihan was not well received by blacks when it was first release. Many felt they it was a racist report drawing biased conclusions about the black community. How could one white man know what exactly is happening in a world far different from his own? His statistics were correct, but he never took the time to reach out to black people to find out what was really going on in their homes. It takes a village to raise a child, but when that village is only a mother then problems may ensue. Providing for a family is hard when there are hardly any jobs available. Blacks in 1965 were still heavily discriminated against in all factors of society. Racism still was ingrained in the minds of white and African Americans were still inferior. The fight for equality pulsed from every person of color and some whites could not understand why freedom was not enough... ... middle of paper ... anything about their fathers from his profession to his family. The last major deterrent of the Negro community from a successful societal presence in America is the sad state of segregated housing. About fifty percent of Negro Americans are in the middle class, however many members of that middle class are living right in the ghettos next to the Negro Americans who are in a perpetual state of deterioration. The reason for this confinement is because white families did not accept Negro families living next to them, across them, or even in the same vicinity as them. Negro housing communities are miles away from white communities and were undersized compared to white communities, so even when middle class Negro Americans have the means to leave certain Negro communities, they do not have the power, the are stuck between a white community and a hard place.
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