The Effects Of Sexual Assault On Children

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Sexual assault has many severe health risks. There are injuries that can occur while the abuse is happening or after. For example, there can be complications such as bleeding,pelvic pain, urinary tract infections and many more. There are long term health risks, too. For example, unwanted pregnancies, sexual transmitted diseases (HIV/AIDS), and pregnancies can lead to unsafe, abortions. Child sexual abuse has health risks, also. Sexual abuse on a child can cause mental issues for this environment regularly anxiety, poor self-regard, broken relationships, specific disorders such as an eating disorder, and PTSD. Most sexual assault victims know the person who is assaulting them. Of course, maybe not at the moment of them being assault but whether they know it or not, they most likely have been acquainted with the offender previously. Offenders do not sexually assault because they have sex appeal, they do it to gain the control of the victim for control pleasure purposes. Alcohol is a main source offenders use to weaken and render there victims helpless. Alcohol is not a cause of sexual assault, its only a weapon the offenders uses. In my opinion, there are numerous variables in a man 's karma and current experience that go to make a person become an offender of sexual assault. The commonest motivation to assault is, I accept, when a man feels gutted by encountering himself as being substandard compared to ladies, or to one specific lady for example, his mom; furthermore he trusts that power prompts fulfillment and frailty to wretchedness. At the point when, as you say more often than not, it 's not a dynamic delight in the lady 's torment, it 's an impassioned to or unawareness of it. She is feeble and frail hence she doesn 't make ... ... middle of paper ... ...ders that will assault every chance they get. The best way is for people to learn what sexual abuse actually is, the health risks and the simple steps to prevent it or to notice the signs that someone could possibly be an offender or a victim. There are many statistics referring to sexual assault. Did you know that 50% of all sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occurred within one mile from there home? 7% take place in a school, 13% happen at a friends house or even a relative and 18% take place in a public setting such as a park or venue. The statistic that was a major eye opener for me was that 43% of all rapes occur between the hours of 6:00pm and midnight. The average sexual offender is about 31 years old and mainly white. The good news is, the world is growing everyday. Sexual assault awareness is becoming a stronger movement for prevention.

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