The Effects Of Religion On The Education System

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Education is the key to unlocking the greatest potential in all human beings. The quest for knowledge is one that people begin from the moment they are born till the moment they die. This means that the education children receive will not only mold a generation, but the future of the country in which the generation lives. The United States, the leading country in world, currently has an educational system in decline for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons, that many people choose to ignore, is the effect of religion becoming more segregated from the educational system. Religion is becoming more disassociated from schools each year because schools believe this will help keep the focus on more important subjects and will protect against altercations over religious practices. Instead it has actually hurts schools more then helps them. This claim is backed up by Jerry Fallwell wrote, “I am forced to believe that the decay of the public school system was accelerated into a downward spiral when prayer and Bible reading were removed.” The reason the absence of religion in school is effecting the education of children is because morality and ethics are becoming diminished in the eye of the student, and the support systems of students are being destroyed. The first president of the United States, George Washington, said it best when he said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports.” In this quote Washington is setting a precedent that to succeed as a country and as people, religion and morality must not be discarded. Unfortunately, the United States has done the complete opposite and has censored religion more each year from schools. This is the wr... ... middle of paper ... ... A new emphasis must be placed the idea of religion in schools to help develop a better system of morality and conscientious thinking in student. Religion also needs to be rediscovered within the household of the student because without a proper support system students a more likely to fail and forget about the importance of their education. Many will argue that separating church and state was established by the founding fathers and should stay that way. The counter argument to this is that the founding fathers never intended for a complete separation of church and state, but instead just wanted to make sure that the government did not interfere with the practices of different religions. In conclusion, this is the time to bring religion back into schools because not only will it begin to repair the educational system, but it will secure a better future for everyone.

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