The Effects Of Reading Habits On Children

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Imagine a magnificent sunset in the gorgeous scenery of Scotland. The trees are a luscious green, the sky morphing from a soft pink-orange to a deep blue-purple. Suddenly, and without warning, a dragon appears, opens its large mouth with piercingly sharp teeth, and…it is time to turn the page. Reading is considered a learning necessity and it is right that people are concerned about the rapidly decreasing child reading habits. As children grow older, their imaginations grow weaker, as does their love of reading. Young minds become preoccupied with other hobbies, interests, or responsibilities. As a result, concern from parents and teachers increase. However, nineteen years ago, a story was born that might have held the key to getting children engaged in extracurricular reading. On June 26, 1997 Joanne Rowling, commonly known as J.K. Rowling, released the first edition to her Harry Potter series. Although statistics prove that overall, child reading habits had not been impacted drastically after the Harry Potter Series was released, this soon to be success sparked a serious fire in the hearts of children around the world. After being declined by more than several agents, J.K. Rowling finally found someone who felt as strongly about her book as she did. Despite the rough start, Joanne was able to finish her book and sell it to libraries and a select number of schools. Once the book was released, it truly took off. All sorts of people across the globe quickly became entranced with Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's stone, an invigorating story packed with action and new concepts dealing with magic. Although it felt as a lifetime, it was not long until the next six books followed selling approximately 175 million copies wo... ... middle of paper ... ...f these novels, J.K. Rowling was able to make reading a trend and allow people to form their own opinions. These novels have proven both successful and unsuccessful in promoting child reading habits, nevertheless, it is pivotal to take note that the series affected people, whether or not it reversed the worldwide descent of child reading habits. These entrancing novels were able to catch the attention of millions of people worldwide and interest them in recreational reading. The miraculous cure to getting all children to read more often was not the goal of the Harry Potter series. Joanne wished to teach and bring joy to children and any who wished to give her series a chance. This she did achieve, and her billions of existing fans are grateful for this, and maybe even more so, the fans who have yet to experience the wonders of “Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived”.

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