The Effects Of Pornography On Adolescent Development

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Coming of age or cuming too soon? The effects of pornography on adolescent development Pornography, as a growing industry in the 21st century, has a negative impact on youth’s perception of the formation of self-respecting, generous, sexual and romantic relationships. A central developmental task for youth and young adults is learning to establish romantic and sexual relationships. However, access to explicit sexual content may compromise one’s ability to establish and maintain healthy intimate relationships. The exposure of youth, defined as those between the ages of thirteen to seventeen, to pornographic images is detrimental to the normal social, emotional, and moral development of those individuals. This is because the false depictions of intimacy in pornography prevent the formation of healthy sexual relationships in adulthood. The negative implications of exposing youth to pornography will be explored in relation to education, the perception of a healthy relationship, and treatment of women. Discovery of sexuality is important in order for youth to become fulfilled adults. However, healthy development has been hindered due to faults present in the education system which are being filled with the use of pornography. Sexuality is much more than just sex. As explained by Ineke van der Vlug “self-image, developing a sense of identity, gender roles, and learning about how to express yourself, your wishes and your boundaries” (Walia, 2015). Vlugt is a youth development expert for the Dutch Sexuality Research Institute and is behind the Netherlands curriculum that introduces conversations surrounding sexuality in kindergarten. The curriculum is called “Sexuality Education”, rather than the traditional “sex education” taught in... ... middle of paper ... ...ature, and/or pictures (Baxter, 2014). There is a complex relationship between anger and sex as both entail having one person with less power than the other(s) (Gray, n.d.). Due to pornography being more sexist and hostile towards women, the aggression and violence portrayed detrimentally alters youth’s view of how sexual partners treat each other in a healthy relationship. Pornography, as a facilitator of a multitude of expressions and actions increases high-rink behaviours, and negatively modifies children’s capacity for future successful and sustainable sexual relationships (Baxter, 2014). CONSLUSION Reference List Baxter, A. (2014). How pornography harms children: the advocate 's role. Child Law Practice Newsletter.33(5),(p113). it=r&p=GPS&sw=w&asid=e357d24bfacb155aa4ca8b02a8ea59e9.
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