The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children

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Physical abuse can cause kids not only physical pain but also emotional pain. Yablonsky states that kids who are physically abused “denigrate themselves, feel worthless and are less likely to care about what happens to them.” Yablonsky findings show that physical abuse makes kids more likely to commit crimes and join gangs. Kids, unlike adults, get easily sad over small problems. Physical abuse can make kids feel depressed and terrified which consequently develop low self-esteem. They feel it is worthless to live in this chaotic world. As a result, they do whatever they want even if it is bad thing. Therefore, kids who are physically abused are more likely to commit crimes and engage in criminal behavior. Besides, Luis Rodriguez, former gangster, writes about one of a gangster’s youth life “whenever she lost, her older brothers would slice her tongue with a razor. She wasn’t ever supposed to lose. This made her meaner, crazier – unpredictable.” Some people believe that beating is a good discipline to make the kids stronger and better than others. However, this is not discipline, but this is physical abuse. This just makes kids feel scared to lose others because they know that they might get abused if they lose. As a result, they become mean and they bully others which lead them to join gangs. Hence, physical abuse can make kids develop self-destructive behaviour which includes drug abuse and violent gangster behavior. Physical abuse does not teach kids how to be compassionate, but it leads them to commit crimes. According to Yablonsky, “a child can’t learn to be compassionate if he never sees any example of caring in his crucial early years.” Yablonsky believes that kids need to learn from adults how to care others. Kids are new... ... middle of paper ... ...are physically abused think that gang is the only place where they can get power. Isis, a former gangster states that “I really liked the feeling that no one could mess with me. That I was invincible.” There were violent students in Isis’s high school and she also had to act violent to protect herself which made her feel she was undefeatable. Physical abuse makes kids egocentric and they feel that gang can make them strong and no one would abuse them. Besides, Luis states that “I wanted what Thee Mystics had; I wanted the power to hurt somebody.” When Luis saw Thee Mystics made violence and all the people were afraid of them, he also wanted the power that Thee Mystics had which he had never before as he was physically abused several times. Therefore, kids who are physically abused want power to hurt others which makes them engage in criminal behavior and join gangs.

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