The Effects Of Pesticides On The Environment

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"Our environment is a heritage and our legacy that we all inherited"(Anonymous). Most people have no idea how this quote applies in their life. Have you ever wondered if what you are eating has something in it that can harm your health? Pesticides are harmful to the human health and the environment. They are used to kill insects and living organisms in growing gardens using different substances of chemicals humans but can be also affect and the environment. Some agricultural studies have showed the different effects of chemicals in pest control and how it has been enforced to society. Different communities around the world believe in changing the ways by using different methods like organic control or homemade pest control, which can result to more expensive but can make a difference in our lives. According to “Breaking News.” Pesticide Use…show more content…
As the years have gone by the world develops new equipment that makes it easier for farmers to spray plants with pesticides chemicals. By having new ways to spray the chemicals does not make it safer for the workers to have no contact with the hazard chemicals that are created. "Pesticide applicators, farmers and farmworkers, and communities near farms are often most at risk, but studies by the Centers for Disease Control show that all of us carry pesticides in our bodies"(Pesticides 101). People working in this should not be unsafe and risk their health because since they are the ones being more exposed and it has been proven that the workers are the ones that are more effected and have shown that they have been harm by the chemicals used in their work spaces. The environment should be safe for the future and keeping human's health not as exposed should be the first priorities instead of risking people to unwanted

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