The Effects Of Pesticides

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In 1962, Rachel Carson startled the pesticide business with her research and evidence of the harmful effects of chemical pesticides in the environment. This environmental movement helped to ban toxic chemicals, such as DDT. However, over the years the restrictions and regulations on the pesticide chemicals began to ease and the agricultural industry continued to increase the use of pesticides. In the farming industry the pesticides play a major role in increasing production yields and therefore making produce more affordable. Although pesticides are designed to be beneficial, studies reveal the exposure of pesticides may increase the risk of brain damage and cancer, especially in children and farm workers. To begin, pesticides become a risk due to toxicity and the amount of exposure of the chemicals. Common sense dictates that children are considered most vulnerable to pesticides because they interact with the environment differently than adults. Young children crawl around floors and lawns and often put any object they see in their mouth. This intimate interaction increases their exposure to the pesticides in the environment. Even though pesticides are meant to be beneficial, some chemicals in the pesticides can cause harm. With the increase in brain damage and cancer in young children, research was conducted to…show more content…
Furthermore, in another study completed in 2012, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, found that pregnant women who were exposed to the insecticide, chlorpyrifos, used on a wide range of agricultural crops showed an association with brain damage in their children that impacted the level of their intelligence (Pleasant). Thus, studies indicate there is an impact on children from the pesticides in the
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