The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Adolescents Delinquent Behaviors

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The Effects of Peer Pressure on Adolescents Delinquent Behaviors Over the years, psychologists have conducted several researches on the influence of peer pressure on adolescents’ delinquent behaviors. The outcomes of these researches oftentimes differed for the simple fact that each researchers look at this stage of adolescents lives from a different perspective. Flannery, Williams and Vazsonyi (1999) reported that the increasing responsibility of families has resulted in a growing number of latchkey children and adolescents who are unattended after school. These adolescents are left alone with peers that switched places with parents and they look up to peers for mentorship. Flannery et al. (1999) argue that the mixture of emotional changes, physical changes and the unsupervised time with peers is even more challenging for adolescents because they are incapable to manage this level of independence and changes all together. As a result, the influence of peers on adolescents delinquent behaviors make it routes rampantly among adolescents. Research on adolescents peers influence showed that in 2010, in a period of 30 days, about a third adolescents have reported smoking cigarettes, about 32 percent have drinking alcohol beverages, about 24 percent have use illicit drugs and about 11 crimes committed over a number of 1000 adolescents (Cook et al., 20110. Moreover, crimes and delinquent behaviors committed by adolescents usually occurred during the end of the school day until early evenings (Snyder,Sickmund & Poe-Yamagata,1996). These adolescents left unsupervised found the group as their new home. The clique becomes the family and like any institution’s rules are constructed. The adolescence period is co... ... middle of paper ... ...searches, they have reported that peer influence was closely related to heavy episodic drinking and alcohol-related negative consequences (Wood, Vinson & Sher, 2001). In their research ( Wood, Vinson and Sher (1991), argue that alcohol offers and modeling represented one of the major factors that showed to what degree adolescents are influenced by peer. Adolescents are also influenced by peers when it comes to committing antisocial behaviors. Most importantly, researchers have clearly shown how adolescents’ anti-social behaviors are influenced by peers. This stage of the lifespan is fragile for the fact that adolescents tend to look for a model, peers that are going through the same experience as themselves. Also, peer influence can provoke adolescents into committing violent crimes which can only be an act based on sympathizing with the group.
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