The Effects Of Organizational Culture On Safety Culture

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The following provides a brief review of the literature for a proposed study concerning the effect different styles of organizational culture has on the safety culture in manufacturing organizations. The proposed study also seeks to investigate the similarities and differences within and across safety cultures in manufacturing companies. Brief Review of the Literature A review of literature provides clues to several elements that contribute to the organizational and safety cultures within organizations. Some cultural factors are based on internal factors such as the beliefs and values of organizational members. Cultural factors can also be influenced by external factors such as societal health and safety concerns and ergonomics. Researchers…show more content…
This is caused by a desire to increase productivity and the quality of products in many manufacturing industries throughout the world (Kwon & Kim, 2013). This industry mindset can lead to an organizational culture that ignores safety rules and regulations (Lallemand, 2012). It has been suggested that in addition to ignoring risk factors directly related to equipment and manufacturing processes, ergonomic controls, sometimes referred to as human factors, which consider elements that facilitate the interaction between workers and their environment employees are of disregarded. Ergonomics has been identified as a facet in safety cultures. Lallemand (2012) suggests that participatory ergonomics, which is an ergonomic strategy based on physical and psychosocial factors, contributes to a positive safety culture. Reiman & Rollenhagen (2014) suggest that an organization’s safety culture is holistic and includes requires interaction for all levels of the organization. Summary Manufacturing industries have a high rate of accidents, injuries, and illness. Often this industry does not have a high level of safety culture. Factors that have be suggested that contribute to a poor safety culture include a desire for productivity and quality and poor ergonomic controls. Methods Employed to Assess Safety

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