The Effects Of Mental Health

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Health can come in multiple shapes, sizes and forms. When health is usually addressed, the first thought that comes to mind is physical fitness. The truth behind fitness is that good mental health provides the pathway to having a good state of wellbeing in any other aspect of life. Unfortunately, numbers of mental illness cases continue to rise around the world with around 1 in 4 Australian youths currently battling a mental illness. These can be due to a number of stressors such as schoolwork,assignments, bullying, high expectations, just to name a few. The purpose of this report is to identify the main stressors or triggers for students at The Rockhampton Grammar School and to recommend strategies that could help combat these stressors. Mental …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mental illness cases continue to rise around the world with around 1 in 4 australian youths currently battling a mental health.
  • Explains that mental health can be affected and/or changed by a stressor. stressors in school students may be linked to schoolwork, high expectations, bullying, family matters, etc.
  • Explains that at the rockhampton grammar school, a survey was conducted on middle school students to identify their main causes of stress.
  • Explains that year 8 (1-3)- school work (24%), friends/lack of free time (15% each), sport/performing (13% each).
  • Explains how stress can impact the minds wellbeing in a variety of ways. stress due to school work can lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety.

Stress due to school work can lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety. This mental illness can impact the way that the brain works, which can lead to constant worrying and fear which can impact an individual’s way of life ( and thus it is concerning to see a stressor like school work in people as young as 12. A stressor such as friends can lead to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety as well. Constant pressure to fit in and to be seen as a member of a particular friend group can lead to depression. People may feel ashamed of who they are and in some cases resort to measures such as self-harm or in extreme cases, suicide. A lack of free time is a stressor that will most likely result in anxiety. If an individual finds that they have a packed schedule, they will most likely find it hard to cope with homework, study, assignments, and can develop …show more content…

Over the counter drugs, massage therapy, counsellors, but two of the most effective solutions for mental illnesses like anxiety and depression are exercise and balanced social activity. Regular exercise helps to reverse the effects of both anxiety and depression. Regular exercise pumps blood to the brain which helps to think more clearly and rationally ( . This will help in the way that it will help to rid the mind of the constant worry and fear that anxiety creates, and to erase harsh and irrational thoughts that depression causes, allowing you to think more sharply an clearly. It also strengthens and increases the size of the hippocampus , the part of the brain responsible for memory as an added bonus! Balanced social activity also helps to combat the effects of anxiety and depression ( . Talking to trusted friends and family about your problems or issues will help to take your mind off the problem. With depression, being around good friends and laughter helps to reverse some of the more dramatic effects of the illness and will help to improve general

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