The Effects Of Malnutrition

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Malnutrition can be defined as lacking proper nutritional value and not eating enough food which is needed for a body to function properly. Malnutrition impacts the development of a fetus into a young child because it has a harmful effect on their cognitive development as the child becomes older. I believe malnutrition of a fetus, eventually born into a child, will indefinitely make a negative impact on a child’s life mainly due to not receiving the right nutrients and supplements needed to develop an optimally functioning brain and build a healthy structured body. Based on the study Persistent epigenetic differences associated with prenatal exposure to famine in humans by Heijmans et al, researchers wanted to conduct an experiment to find the relationship between the starvation time in adults and the developing fetus. In addition, the experimenters wanted to prove if the IGF2 DMR had an effect on the fetus as well as differences seen in adults with IFG2 DMR Methylation which is an element that is added to the DNA pattern. Siblings that were exposed to this were compared with their same sex siblings to receive a genetic match. The average methylation was 0.515 for unexposed siblings and for exposed siblings it was 0.488. The experiment was conducted again to see if any changes occurred. The…show more content…
Researchers therefore believe there is an increase in fetal deaths of infants because of the malnutrition that the fetus receives which the caregivers must offer in order for the fetus to be well developed and

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