The Effects Of Legalization Of Marijuana

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The current society is struggling to define the ethical standards of living. This moral philosophy has been on the limelight for a long time, with a lot of applications and definitions of ethics being related to the various ethical theories including deontology, virtue ethics and utilitarianism. There have been deliberate attempts to recommend, defend and systemize the concepts of wrong and right conducts in the society. In defining ethics, the character of individuals and the human moral behavior is examined vis-à-vis how it is expected to be. The use of drugs has been a contentious issue in as far as ethics is concerned. The legalization of marijuana in a number of states including Colorado has sparked a lot of debate and mixed reaction in terms of its effect on the morals and societal ethics.( Jones & Mortin, 2002)
Legalization of marijuana
Colorado recently legalized Marijuana. The issue of legalizing marijuana has been a heated argument over the past years with many reasons being attributed to the ethical implications of the drug. Generally, some governments have illegalized marijuana, with reasons that it is a harmful substance that leads to a slow down of development and rise in crime. It is the most common drug that is used in the United States of America, though it is most often than not termed as an illicit drug. Its use has risen over the years in America, with more than 4% adults in America using it yearly, at least once.
Ethical issues of marijuana
The Utilitarianism aspect of ethics has come under scrutiny in relation to the use of marijuana. As much as it is a theory based on hedonistic beliefs of maximization of happiness, it stipulates that this happiness should be acquired through...

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...ities in Colorado and beyond. However, the arguments concerning its medicinal use and continued use has made the Colorado State and most state governments in the United States of America to pass legislation legalizing its use. Marijuana is widely used among the youths and has a deep history. Whether legalized or not, this usage will continue and the only important thing is to try and conduct public education and awareness on the same.

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