The Effects Of Immigration On The United States Of America

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Do you feel safe in your own country? We have been home to many people who do not deserve or hold the privilege to be in The United States of America. Many people do not realize the effect that immigration puts on our country, from overpopulation, to lowering the number of jobs. The higher people and politicians of The United States of America need to start taking matters into their own hands and protecting American citizens, and Americas beautiful country. 13% of our population is made up from immigrants, this number may seem small but it is an extremely important factor that plays into job opportunities for Americans. Out of a 318 million “Americans” 41 million of them are immigrants. There may not be an easy way to solve this rapidly growing problem but steps need to start being implemented. This will take many years so political figures need to start sooner than later. There has always been a problem with immigration, but just as of recently the problem has been magnetized and brought to the attention of the higher people and political figures. Of course now that the problem is highlighted we are heading in the right direction, America has to regain what is theirs before this atrocity gets any worse than it already is. Americans are being robbed of 41 million jobs this year, and this number increases dramatically every single year. The people who were children of immigrants and were born in America cannot help that, and they belong in America. They are not the heart of the problem. The problem starts of course with people crossing the border, the American border patrol security is supposed to be top notch but has not been getting the job done. There are Americans in their own country who do not have a job becau... ... middle of paper ... ...n of creating a treaty, whichever country having immigrants in America will have to pay for their peoples’ to be exported back, this will save America a significant amount of money they can use on other plans. America has a severe problem that needs to be solved as quickly as possible. The solutions to the problems are infinite but they will take many years to accomplish, and will be extremely expensive. American has become just a place where people enter and they are not punished, and it has started to become an issue whereas if it takes any longer to fix America will have a problem that will never be able to be fixed. Money is the number one factor in the solution and needs to be funded correctly. The American people deserve to feel safe and need the Political figures to step-up and take control of this situation before it gets any worse than it already is.
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