The Effects Of Homeschooling On Children

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How does Homeschooling Affects Children? Is homeschooling going to hurt your child or benefit your child? Homeschooling is debated by many parents throughout the United States. Many parents believe that they can do a better job than public schools in their area. Homeschooling is a better option than public schooling because children can learn more about what they are actually interested in, families have more free time, parents are the primary influence to their children, are more independent, learn more affectively, and children get to wear their pajamas. (check order of thesis/add to thesis) One of the biggest benefits that comes with homeschooling is that children learn more about what they are specifically interested in, whereas public…show more content…
Homeschooling better prepares children for college because homeschooled children have to work more independently than those in public schools (Bogantz). Homeschooled children have to be able to work independently and be self-motivated or no school would ever get accomplished. Working and learning more independently helps prepare children for college because that is how college course are set up. College students are expected to have read their assignment before going to class, so that they have a little understanding of the topic before the professor explains the topic. Homeschooled children often think college is easier because they are already used to learning independently. Bogantz says, “Homeschooled children acquire the ability to study and learn independently and not be spoon fed all the information” (Bogantz). College requires students to learn independently and have self-motivation; therefore, homeschooling better prepares children for…show more content…
They have the opportunity to make friends of the same age and friends that are significantly older or younger than them. Homeschooling does not put children at a disadvantage with their school and typically score higher in tests than their peers from public schools. Furthermore, homeschooling better prepares children for college because it teaches them to work independently and be self-motivated. Homeschooling also has more flexible schedule which allows families to add in breaks were need and take vacation when it is less crowded and cheaper, but the one reason children love being homeschool is that they are allowed to wear the pajamas all day. All these examples show that homeschooling is a better option for children than the public school
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