The Effects Of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling has held many places throughout the years. In the colonial days, homeschooling was the norm. In contrast, in the late 1800’s, homeschooling took a back seat and public schooling became the way of education. After religion instruction was removed from public schools in the late 1960’s, homeschooling reemerged. Over the past several decades, homeschooling has gone from a radical concept to being converted into mainstream education for thousands of people. In his article “Home Schooling Is a Legitimate Alternative to Public Schools”, Chris Jeub discusses the benefits homeschooling offers on an academic, social and family level. He argues that it is all around more beneficial for children to engage in being educated at home.…show more content…
Socialization experiences such as bullying can have a devastating effect on a child’s learning ability and self-esteem. According to the article “Home Schooling Is a Legitimate Alternative to Public Schools”, Jeub defends, ”The positive side of socialization—sharing respect, communication, getting along, and relating to others—can be wonderfully fulfilled in a home-school setting” (Jeub). I could not agree more. Parents have the ability to teach their children everything he or she needs to know, all while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment. In a study concerning 224 homeschooled children done by John Wesley Taylor, over half scored above 90% of the national average for positive mental image of themselves, proving that being homeschooled has a much higher effect on a child’s esteem and awareness…show more content…
It is the instructor’s responsibility to instruct and teach each individual child what he or she needs to learn (Jeub). I remember standing in front of my entire fourth grade class trying to solve a problem on the chalk board, only to have fellow classmates harass me, and the teacher not intervening. How could that possibly be a healthy learning environment? In the article “Home Schooling Is a Legitimate Alternative to Public Schools”, Jeub argues that parents do not have to have a college degree in order to pass the love for academics onto their children. I agree with Jeub that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach children to become passionate and curious about all subjects through one on one teaching that focuses on the child’s type of learning skills and provides a safe, nurturing learning

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