The Effects Of Globalization Of Culture

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Globalization contain a series of processes that work worldwide to promote change in the world in which nations and people are increasingly interlinked and mutually dependent. Promoting globalization are transitionally, as we maintain our ties with home example, we do call, texting, emailing, visiting, even sending money out ways to keep ties with home.

In a sense people live multi-locally in different places and cultures. They learn to play various social roles and to change behavior and identity depending on the situation they encounter in their lives. The effects of globalization are many, local people must cope increasingly with forces generated by progressively larger systems, regions, nations, and world.

Cultural rules limit
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Because culture is flexible allows hybridization between individuals and local groups, giving them great power to adapt with in a globalized world. Afghanistan refugees will have great opportunity to adapted themselves gradually in the new society. Germany’s society one one hand, will influence Afghanistan people in think more globally, they will become more “globalized” this will make them to be aware of the diverse national culture differences around the world. Afghanistan on the other hand, will influence Germany perhaps with their music, dance, cuisine, fashion styles, and arts. Moreover, this hybridization the fusion of culture mixing, blending brings lots of innovation into a society. Creating a unique culture “hybrid” in a different place, which is the result of…show more content…
Build a wall for protection is not any news, such act has existed for thousands of years, a good example is The Great Wall of China which is one of the greatest sights in the world. This magnificent wall was built throughout many generations for border controls, control the road trade goods, and to keep out the unwanted migrants. if such act worked for our ancestors in the pass I believe it would certainly work for the modern day. Even though, it is an expensive project countries are doing it so that they can protect control the border. So that no Afghanistan neither Syrian people will invade country without proper