The Effects Of Fast Food On People, Especial Youth?

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Nowadays, the society is very developing, so people are busier with their schedules. Their demand about meals are changing because they need to have fast and convince meals instead of enjoying at a restaurant. Fast food restaurants are cheaper and faster than other restaurants, so people often go to fast food restaurants every day. Despite its convenience, fast food can be very dangerous to people if they consume it day by day, which is why people should be cared about the risks and effects of it. From that people can live a healthy lifestyle. Why do people eat fast food too much, and what does fast food have effects on people, especial youth? The first reason why people eat fast food too much is the developing of fast food restaurants and their advertisements. People can find them on the road, on taxis and buses, on billboards, and other places. People are easy to think about it when they feel hungry. Also, people do not have to go to their restaurants to get their food because they now have their delivery hotlines. People have a meal easily. In addition, although people know home-cooked meal is heathy, people still choose to eat fast food by its convenience. People are busy with working and studying, they do not have time to prepare healthy meals. It is better to eat at a fast food restaurant instead and people forget about eating healthy. It increases the number of people eating fast food because most people like it better when their food comes to them instead of the harder, traditional way of sitting and eating at a restaurant. Finally, fast food restaurants are very addictive. Besides it is so cheap, yummy and filling, living or studying near by a fast food restaurant makes people eat there more. It will be the first place p... ... middle of paper ... ...t way, people can eat foods that is healthier than French fries, hamburger, pizza, or baked potatoes. In conclusion, eating too much fast food is a big reason for negative effects on people’s body. When people eat too much fast food they consume too much fat, oil, etc. As a result, people are easy overweight, deteriorate on skin. In addition, eating too much fast food is increasing risk of health because it contains high amounts of sodium, cholesterol, calories and fat that is reason can cause many diseases for people. Moreover, with the popularity of fast food restaurants, people are changing their habits about their meals. There are many people become addictive fast food; thus, family tradition as eating together also is lost. Although eating fast food once in a while is not at all bad, people should still be careful and aware because eating fast food is addictive.

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