The Effects Of Drugs

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Drugs are any materials that affect human bodies. According to Chen (2010), “drug addiction as loss of control over a behavior that causes continued suffering to the addict and others” (p. 8). A drug problem is considered as one of the biggest issues that many countries around the world suffer and seek hard to fight. Drugs cause many damages on many aspects, such as health, social, economic, and security. As Lamb, Maguire, Ginsburg, Pinkston, and France (2016) added, “drug use is high in the US… over 21 million Americans, or about 8% of the population meet the criteria for substance abuse or dependence” (p.1). There are two types of drugs: one is illegal and the other one is legal. According to Lamb, et al. (2016), “the habitual use of licit…show more content…
The first one is that some people may use drugs to have fun and release their boredom while others might use drugs to relax and keep their mind off of problems and responsibilities. As Chen (2010) emphasize, “people become addicted for two reasons: suffering and boredom” (p. 5). Second, suffering is another reason of abusing drugs. According to Chen (2010), “suffering is defined as the range of an individual’s emotional deficiencies, needs and stresses that motivate him toward substance abuse” (p. 5). In other words, suffering may encourage individuals to overcome their problems and treat psychological suffering by using drugs as a form of self-treatment. Lastly, the main reason for drugs abuse is family disintegration, which means preoccupation parents for their children, lack of observation, direction, and even discussion. As Heads up (2014) explained that family and social environment can influence someone negatively by having “poor relationships with parents or friends” (para. 2). Using illegal drugs may not be one of those reasons that have a forceful effect on many community members with both genders and multiple stages of ages. In short, there is abundance of causes that may lead to substance…show more content…
Several countries provide treatment programs whether in hospitals or in outpatient clinics. Their purpose is to give the addicts the advice and the help to resist using drugs. “In 2012, 23 million people in the United States needed treatment for alcohol/drug use” (Heads up, 2014, para. 3). The first and the most essential way to treat drugs addiction is the motivation to self-change. As Chen (2010) added, “Motivation for treatment is an important factor in the initiation of and involvement in treatment as well as in determining its outcome” (p. 6). In other words, the addicts should have the ability and the willingness to engage in the treatment to have a successful recovery. Another way to treat drugs addiction is by following the 12-Step program by offering a non-material program for drug and alcohol addicts as a solution. According to Miller (as cited in Chen, 2005), “spirituality is a solution for drug addiction” (p. 7). The 12-Step program’s goal is to help the drug users overcome the feelings of loneliness, alienation, and meaningless life to successful self- change. The finally way for a successful treatment is by attending recovery support groups and sharing stories beside their family and friends support. According to Heads up (2014), “A strong support system of family, friends, and/or others in recovery can help” (para. 7). Even though that some addicts may

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