The Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Drug Addiction

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When asking my client “What were three major events that had an impact on her life that may have influenced her addiction” they were: when she received her driver’s license, her job at the time and, her toxic boyfriend. Since my client started her addiction at a young age receiving her driver’s license had a major influence on her addiction because she now had more access to the drugs that she was doing. Her job at the time also had an impact because not only did she receive a paycheck to buy the drugs but, she also meet some negative people in her life that encouraged her addiction. My client’s boyfriend had the most impact on her drug addiction because this is when her addiction began. Her first attempt at drugs was with this man and it is when she had her first overdose. This was the start of a very toxic life. During my clients drug abuse she had to deal with the following: Diversity, discrimination and oppression. The risk of drug abuse is common between both male and female but the recovering process can differ due to gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and many others. Interventions and Evaluations In this section I will present the treatment plan that I believe will work best for my client, I will suggest two different approaches and explain who they will work. The first intervention that I believe would help solve my clients issues is a brief intervention. A Brief intervention is a technique that is used to help change an unhealthy behavior such as my client’s drug abuse problem. The basic goal for a client and in any substance abuse treatment setting is to decrease the risk of hurt from continued use of drugs. In hopes of this strategy would be a result of them quitting the drug completely however, the go... ... middle of paper ... ...d, both traditional and alternative I hope to show the damaging and the effects it has shown on my client, and the steps taken to show that it can be overcome. My client still has struggles with the after math of being a user but now has the education and steps to live a healthy and drug free lifestyle. A case analysis is a research that is focused on gathering in depth information about a person or a client. Case analysis are very important, especially in social work because they focus on the importance of a client you are working with. The main goal is to show success through theories, treatment plans and most important, come to a conclusion that your client can benefit from. This case analysis helped me learn how to take the prober steps to working with a client and I hope that I can one day help a client by the information I have learned in this case analysis.

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