The Effects Of Domestic Abuse On Children

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Abuse occurs when people mistreat or misuse other people, showing no concern for their integrity or intent worth as individuals. There are different types of abuse, examples are, family abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. On average, most children that grow up in an abusive home are most likely to become abusive towards their spouse and or kids. Family abuse can be the worse because it affects the whole family. Emotional abuse affects the inside and that can be mentally damaging. Most of the time, neglect abuse is not always intentional. It’s caused by inexperienced parents not knowing how to raise the child. This paper when focus on the affects domestic abuse has on children. When children are exposed to family violence it effect the children mentally and physically. It makes kids fearful of other adults or elders. The child could start to lie about the abuse and start to feel that it’s their fault. Which makes them afraid to even talk to their own family about the abuse. It can lead the child to abuse drugs when they get older also. Children can grow up to even resent their parents for abusing them or to even letting it happen. The child can grow up to feel that it’s ok to hit their loved ones or be abused. They may also not do well in school or even act out in school. It can cause a child to harm himself or harm someone else. When the abuse happens the child is in the house or even next to the parent that is being abused. “Among studies that did provide reports of children’s Exposure, a common finding was that children are reportedly aware of much of the domestic abuse. For example, in one study, all of the battered women reported their children were at home during the assaults.” There are many places that the c... ... middle of paper ... ...hows that neglect is not always intentional but still affects the children. Neglect is a form of mistreatment, meaning it is an ongoing failure to meet the child needs. Most of the time neglect isn’t always intentional. Neglect comes from new parents not knowing how to take care of/ or raise their child. There are many types of neglect abuse, for instance neglect abuse, educational neglect, and physical neglect. Parents sometimes don’t know they are neglecting their child. A child development can easily delay in educational studies. ‘I understand how a normal child develops. That means I can better explain to others the impact that domestic abuse may have on a child,’ she says. ‘This includes how it could affect their brain development, growth and their mental health. For example, a child might be labelled as being autistic, but the true diagnosis is neglect abuse.’
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