The Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Introduction Many couples face that difficult decision about whether divorce would be the answer to their problems. Divorce is at a very high rate today and many more people are using this method to walk away from a marriage. When divorce is the only option then its repercussion can have a devastating effect not only on the parents but on the children. It is the children that must suffer because of the parent’s mistakes. Divorce is a long arduous process that in time can tear apart a family. There are many factors of divorce that can affect the children. Because of the divorce on the parents it can change the whole family structure. There can be a loss of income, lack of educational needs, mental illness, poverty, homelessness, and depression. These can all effect the children by causing them to be very angry, lash out at others, academic and cognitive decline, criminal offenses, and engage in risky behavior. These are just a few of the topics that will be covered within this paper. Factors of Divorce Divorce causes a dramatic change in a Childs life. They need to start…show more content…
Parents should be aware of their own emotions and be able to have some control over it. If they are unable to handle it then those emotions can dictate their actions. These emotions will change the parent style. For example, if a parent is having rules in the home and now since she is going through a difficult circumstance she is not paying attention to who is following the rules and letting everyone do what they want to do. “Parents that are divorced should put forth a better effort at their parenting skills, they need to set a better example or be a better role model”(Demo & Acock, P.626). children tend to model what the parents do. If we do not set good examples for our children and raise them with good morals and values then how will they learn and be able to do the same thing with their own
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