The Effects Of Divorce And Marital Discord On Adult Children 's Psychological Well Being

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This research lead by Paul R. Amato and Juliana M. Sobolewski was designed to study the effects of divorce and marital discord on adult children’s psychological well-being. The authors attempted to uncover what are the true consequences of parental divorce that persist into the offspring’s adulthood. Previous evidence suggested that individuals of divorced parents compared to those whose parents remained married reported greater instability, unhappiness, anxiety problems, depression and even mental health issues. The authors hypothesized that educational attainment, relationships instability and parent-child relationships were the areas affected by parental discord and divorce. Through this study they wanted to understand the association of divorce with the factors listed below. They wanted to explore these three different metrics because they predicted that: children of divorced parents have a lower socioeconomic status later on in life due to educational disadvantages and a decrease in standard of living. They inferred that since offsprings were exposed to a dramatic critical period during childhood they were more likely to suffer from poorer interpersonal skills, difficult personality traits and commitment issues that will eventually lead to divorce. Finally they wanted to test how the quality of the relationship with their parents was changed after marital discord and divorce. After conducting extensive research which included a 17 year longitudinal study from two generations, started in 1980 and ended in 1997. In which the same married couples and offsprings were interviewed at different time intervals in order to compare any changes. The results showed a different diagnosis compared to previous studies and even their own h... ... middle of paper ... ...y can be functional members of society. Divorce is a process in life that sometimes cannot be avoided. For this reason learning the key for a successful marriage and productive parenting is so crucial. The rates of divorce are higher than ever in history, maybe because as a society we have evolved into more liberal individuals,perhaps people nowadays are more concerned with personal happiness than optics. In conclusion, relationships with parents are affected by divorce but not always as the study reports. If a child had a good relationship with his father or mother prior to marital dissolution the probabilities of the relationship remaining intact are high. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to build a strong and healthy relationship with the children so no matter what family transition they go through their relationship will not be altered but strengthened.

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