The Effects Of Discrimination Against Women

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Women account for more than half the world’s population, perpetuating the notion that gender equality is the center of human rights. In 1945 under influence of the United Nations Charter, world leaders adopted the fundamental principle of equal rights of men and women. It is the State’s obligation to protect and promote women 's human rights. Yet millions of women around the world are consistently exposed to unjust inequality and discrimination. While there are still laws and policies that prohibit women from equal access to land, property, and housing; economic and social discrimination will continue to result in fewer and poorer life opportunities for women, rendering them vulnerable to trafficking. The effects of gender-based violence…show more content…
Otherwise known as the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, CEDAW is considered null and void due to the senate avoiding to allow its approval. This therefore discredits the accountability of the U.S., and its false assurance of equality to the female population. Amnesty International, the League of Women Voters, and AARP support “ratification of CEDAW. The main opposition comes from conservative groups who are concerned that CEDAW will challenge the laws and culture in the U.S.”(About News). The concern that ratification of the treaty would threaten traditional values by promoting gender re-education, allowing same-sex marriage, and ensuring access to abortion services and contraception. For these reasons, politicians actively fight against the ratification of the treaty. This type of prejudice imposed upon the entirety of people’s rights is a complete contradiction to the sovereignty the United States was built upon. Women consist of “only 20 percent of the Senate, and only 18 percent in the House of Representatives”(Hill). In regards to a country where women are the majority of the population, this exemplifies exhibition of inequality on every level. Having more women in office upholds democratic values of fairness and a representative
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