The Effects Of Cultural Exchange In Canada

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Suddenly, you wake up one day and feel lost in the world you choose to be part of. Your brain hurts from trying to speak and understand a language that is not the one you were taught when you were a kid. You are going to speak with someone or try to tell a joke, but then you realize that you do not know what words to use or how to say it. When you remember the word to use, it is too late to mention it because they changed the topic or they just left. This makes you to feel unmotivated to learn a language. This is one of the obstacles that many newcomers have to face when they come to a new country and I know this because I am part of this new culture of immigrants. Throughout my cultural exchange in Canada, I have experienced challenges with…show more content…
When we immigrants want to be part of a new culture, we may change their social identity over time. Coming to a new country has some influences on the personality. This is because we want to integrate to the culture. We become to change some attitudes and behaviour to feel accept it in the new country. This was illustrated with the research that a focus on developments in social induces (Matschke and Sassenberg 115). Experiencing a new change in a culture would change the person personality eventually. In my case I always participated and talked to everyone in class back in my home country. When I had group work in class, I was able to share my thoughts with my classmates and I was not intimidated to make mistakes in front of the class. I was willing to take more risks, but that did not happen when I came to Canada. At first, I was inclined to take risks by learning the language, but just thinking that I could not express myself well or people could not understand me, influenced me in to be out of my comfort zone. I preferred not to share my ideas and to be a quiet student. Not knowing the language changed my social identity. I was amazed by how people could share their ideas without having to worry about the language. I miss having the same feeling of sharing my ideas, but with time I started forgetting that I was capable to do this too. This situation changed my personality; I was not the same girl who I was in

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