The Effects Of Concussions On Sports Injuries

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Throughout the years, many sports have evolved from that of their beginning. Be it through rule changes, advances in the way people watch the game, advances in how they play the game, but this biggest one of all is the change in equipment. This is most commonly seen and heard about in American football. Due to all of the advances in the medical field and seeing the sports injuries that occur. Football had to adapt and change to the new standards of safety for the players with new and improved equipment to lessen the chance of long term damage. But what is considered long term damage? One of the biggest long term injuries that are becoming a major problem are concussions. But what is a concussion? According to the article “Traumatic Brain Injury Facts” the CDC states “A concussion is a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the aftereffects such as confusion or temporary incapacity.”(“Traumatic Brain Injury Facts"). This is just one of many long term injuries caused by sports but is one of the most dangerous. The good thing is these kinds of injuries can be treated thanks to the new technology in the medical field in detection and treatment of concussions. But the best way to prevent long term damage from hard hits is new and improved gear that the players where during the game. Another way is by educating players and coaches what to look for after a kid has taken a big blow while playing in a sports activity. There has been many advances in concussion prevention and detection but in my mind the biggest part and the most important is the advancement in the sports gear that players wear. One article states a major advancement in football gear would be football helmets with pressure... ... middle of paper ... ...ed and they are clear to play again. This is not hard to do it’s just the fact of telling the kids the truth of the matter and them knowing the tests aren’t hard and don’t take long to pass. But the kids need to know this is needed if they want to be able to play for years to come in school and even in college. Although there has been a lot of changes and advancements in the way sports are played now due to concussions and other major injuries. Such as rules, gear, and procedures that have to be followed to return to play after major injuries. There is still an ever increasing number of people getting hurt and not reporting it. And no one can stop that we can all just come together with everything we can do to try to stop and prevent them. People are going to get hurt in sports it’s just a matter on how hurt they will get and how long will that affect them in life.
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