The Effects Of Compulsive Shopping Habits

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The shopping habits of persons have for a long time been thought to have a bearing on their moods. There are persons that claim to get a soothing effect from compulsive buying, especially when they feel low or depressed. The shopping behavior of women and men has been the source of so many jokes, majorly emphasizing on the different approaches that the two genders employ when it comes to shopping (Krueger, 1988). The research proposal explores the question of whether the mood of an individual affects his/her shopping habits. It will also determine what specific effects particular moods of persons result in. According to Faber and Christenson (1996), compulsive shopping disorder is caused by abnormal levels of serotonin in the brain. This chemical is also responsible for the other addictions, such as alcoholism, gambling, and sex addiction. It has not yet been recognized by the psychiatry experts as a mental illness, and this contributes to very little being known about it (Liddane, 2006). Faber and Christenson further argue that other psychological problems can lead to a person acquiring the compulsive shopping disorder. Examples of these problems include low self-esteem; desire for approval or recognition; high propensity to fantasize; and a desire for arousal or stimulation. These psychological problems have also been observed in a person having uncontrollable impulse disorders. Furthermore, the sociological factors that might contribute to the development of this condition are gender roles, early life experiences, the disintegration of modern life, and the influence of the mainstream media that depicts shopping as a positive form of release. Most of the compulsive buyers have reported having experienced a brief period of ple... ... middle of paper ... ...ave been formed by compulsive shoppers due to the financial strain that the habit has inflicted on them. These former compulsive shoppers mixed with those that are currently struggling to curb that habit meet regularly to assist each other in avoiding the habit. One of the major things that contribute to compulsive shopping is the credit offered to individuals through credit cards. The stoppage of using plastic money and reverting to cash can help one limit his/her shopping, as they are unlikely to walk around with huge amounts of money required for this indulgence. Lidden expresses having been disappointed in the medical and psychological community for not declaring this an illness and yet it causes so much misery to the victims. Besides the financial implications, families are broken as a result of the other spouse feeling that the compulsive person is wasteful.

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