The Effects Of Climate On Human Activities

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When dealing with climate it is important to know what kind of characteristic these elements have. The two most important elements are temperature and precipitation because they have the greatest influence on people and their activities and also have an important impact on the distribution of such phenomena as vegetation and soils. Now when dealing with general world patterns that relate to climates and these factors, the Köppen classification is the method you would for more background information on your choice of study. The Köppen classification had the thought of distributing vegetation was a good way of totality of climate. There are five principle groups for this classification, humid tropical, dry, humid middle latitude (mild winters), humid middle latitude (severe winters), and polar. By using these groups, you can determine which boundaries are determined. As humans we have a huge impact on what happens to the world because we contribute a lot of our time and effort to our time here. It’s where we live but unfortunately we are not treating it like it is. The impact on human activities leads down to burning fossil fuels and driving our cars to certain destinations. Now what this does to the atmosphere is that it traps in all the heat radiating from earth toward space. “Gases, such as water vapor, which respond physically or chemically to changes in temperature are seen as feedbacks” (Jenkins, 2007). When we burn fossil fuels, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which can cause global warming to be an even bigger problem than it already is. As this happens it eventually turns in to acid rain, which can be harmful to our forests and wild life. Not only does burning fossil fuels cause harm to our environment, it ... ... middle of paper ... ...tch can not only save you money but also help the greenhouse gases. Helping save the planet does not take a lot of work, its sometimes the little things that mean and matter the most. References ELC. (2013). Possible consequences of global warming. Retrieved from Jenkins , A. (2007). Global climate change. Retrieved from Przyborski, P. (2013). How will global warming change earth?. Retrieved from Solomon , S. (2007). Direct observations of recent climate change. Retrieved from Takle, E. (2013). Global warming - impact on greenhouse gases. Retrieved from
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