The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

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Abuse in child can differ from physical, emotional, mental, sexual and neglect. The effects of child abuse vary between children these effects can be long lasting. Some of these problems can be psychological such as anxiety, depression, academic problems in school, withdrawn and difficulty connecting with others, and can even experience flashbacks and post-traumatic stress. They also have physical effects such as bruises, sprains, fractures, poor hygiene and inappropriate dress. Children living in an environment that is full of fear and violence develop poor coping skill some of these coping skills can be eating disorders, drug use risky sexual decision and self-harm. Some children fall into a cycle of abuse and become abusers themselves. Each child can experience one or more of these thing at the same time. Children who are servicers of abuse need help leaning how to deal and work throw the difficulties that come up. The different types of an abuse can be physical, emotional, mental, sexual and neglect. Physical abuse is the intentional and unwanted contact with you or something close to your body. It will usually leave a mark on the person’s body. Examples of physical abuse prolong hitting, beating, tying a child up or burning. Sexual abuse is when a child is forced to perform sexual acts to an adult or someone who is in authority. Examples of sexual abuse is having sex, fondling showing a child pornographic material. Neglect is not taking proper care of your child wither it be indirect or direct on the parent’s part. Examples of neglect are not having proper clothing, insufficient medical care and not giving them proper hygiene. Emotional abuse has negative effects on a child’s emotional development and self-worth. There are... ... middle of paper ... ...r they see that what they are going is normal punishment when in fact it is not. In order to break the cycle of abuse strong emotional support from family and friend is important. As well as honest therapy sessions to help the victim come to terms with their abuse and know it is not there flat. All children are entitling to a safe environment where they can learn and grow, but not all children get that. Those children that suffer from domestic violence get effect by it both physically and mentally where they are stunted and leaner bad behavers and poor copping skills. Even with this there are still ways for children and adult that grow up with abuse to move pass it and learn new social skill and better ways to deal with their emotions. With therapy and a supporting family, they can over some many of the hurdle put in front of them by their abuse at a young age.
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