The Effects Of Child Abuse

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A report of a child abuse is made every ten seconds. Children are in danger the from the minute they’re born. Everyone is. As the years go by, it can transform into domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is when one person develops a pattern of behavior that involves violence or other abuse to another person. Not only can child abuse cause domestic abuse, but it can also cause animal abuse. 68% of women, affected by domestic abuse, reported that they have abused their pet in some way. Some people feel the need to take out their anger and violence on animals or other humans. All types of abuse can be fatal and must be stopped immediately. Abuse can be performed in many different ways. Child abuse, domestic abuse and animal abuse are all forms of extremely…show more content…
Child abuse is when a child is physically or mentally mistreated. When a child is physically abused the abuser faces a wide range of penalties depending on several factors such as the age of the child, where the abuse took place and the criminal history of the offender. Child abuse can be caused by factors such as poverty, or the parent may have been abused as a child. If the parent was abused they may feel that abusing their own child is a form of parenting. Parents can become oblivious to the fact that they are passing it onto their own children. Children of violent homes may experience abuse and go onto abuse in the future. There are certain character traits that a child may obtain after being abused. Some indicators of abuse are unexplained bruises, wearing modest clothing even if it’s inappropriate for the weather, seems frightened of the parents, and lastly has learning problems. The consequences of abuse can be deadly. If the abuser isn’t charged and taken to court, then they are free to do whatever they want. It is a crime in every state for a parent or a person caring for a child, to intentionally injure the child in a way that is physical or psychological. A law in Louisiana was enacted in 2012 and determines that any person who witnesses the sexual abuse of a child and the person knowingly or willfully fails to report the abuse to law enforcement or to the Department of Children and Family…show more content…
There’s the illegal physical abuse and then there’s the completely legal animal testing for things such as makeup. The illegal physical abuse is when a common homeowner abuses their pet in any way. There are certain signs that you can watch out for when you suspect a pet is being abused. A collar so tight that it has been embedded into the pet’s neck can be a difficult one to spot. Some more obvious signs would be patches of fur missing, limping, or any sort of weakness in the animal’s behavior. Some other types of abuse can be more mentally abusive and less noticeable. Pets can be tied up alone outside for long periods of time without food or water. This can be almost impossible to notice unless you’ve been watching the dog ever since the owner tied it up. Animals that are housed in cages that are too small for them, meaning they can’t stand properly or turn around, can be considered cruel and abusive. Sometimes people abuse their pets because they feel the need to control something. This happens when an owner believes that the best way to train an animal is to punish it when it does something wrong. Another reason may be to express anger through an animal. Domestic animals are always nearby and can’t physically tell anyone what happens to them, basically making them living punching bags. Animal abuse is seen all over the world. Countries, such as Greece, are known for poisoning cats and dogs. In some parts of the world it is
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