The Effects Of Bullying Among Various Age Groups

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specific area on the topic. Some of the areas in which they had to research was the statistics of bullying among various age groups, ethnic groups, states/countries, the causes of conflict, strategies to prevent and avoid conflict, steps taken to resolve the conflict, what are the communication skills- such as body language, and the tone of one’s voice. According to Peguero (2008), the most frequently registered discipline problems is student bullying, twenty-one percent of elementary schools, forty-three percent of middle schools, and twenty-two percent of high schools has reported bullying in the 2012 through the 2014 school year. At the Seay Academy School teachers were asked to share lesson plans, games, and activities that are used in their classrooms on bullying. Some lesson plans that are used by teachers are (a) conflict is inevitable, but bullying is not (b) telling an adult about bullying is not tattling (c) this is no place for bullies. Some of the activities that are used by instructors are (a) stop bullying now! (b) bully awareness week and (c) create conflict resolutions on bullying. There are several games that are used for bullying (a) beat the bully (b) school daze and crazy maze (c) the bully round up and (d) bully busters. (Identify abusive behavior in this incident) The abusive behavior in this incident was seen by Andre who was also a basketball player. The two bullies David and Jeremy thought that everyone had left the locker room not knowing that Andre had stay after practice to speak with Coach Ruben so when he walked into the locker room and saw the both of them verbally and physically bullying Quentin he was in total shock. He never would have expected this type of behavior from the two of these students ... ... middle of paper ... ...s and others to make pledge to stand against hate and bullying, coordinate a stop the violence rally for the school safety and awareness week, and tell students their story and what they learned from it. Parents are the first point of contact for their children and they must educate themselves as well as their children about bullying. It is significant that parents recognize warning signs from their children on whether they are the giver (the bully) the target (receiver) or a witness. Many times kids don’t ask for help so it’s important to know what to look for in your child. Any student that is experiencing bullying or is aware of another student should immediately speak with a school administrator informing them what is happening. It is extremely important that bullying be addressed early on because it has pushed many children to the point of committing suicide.
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