The Effects Of Bullying

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Bullying now has increased in numbers nowadays where it can actually stand as a serious threat itself. In America, bullying has been an underlying cause for students to bring weapons to school and cause school violence. There many forms of bullying such as name-calling, physical, threatening, stealing, vandalizing, slandering, excluding and taunting. Bullying is an extreme terrorization and a repeating pattern of humiliation, abuse, and fear. Bullying has been defined in various ways by various people:- 1) Subtype of violent behaviour that is produced when a student is repeatedly exposed over a prolonged period of time to negative actions carried out by another student or group of students (Olweus) 2) Set of repeated actions which produce a physical or mental imbalance of power which results in the “empowerment” and gratification of the aggressor and pain and suffering on the part of victim (Ma et al) 3) Subtype of violent behaviour 4) It involves a broad range of negative actions of a physical, psychological, and/or social nature, which are deployed repeatedly over a prolonged period of time and which are harmful to the person whom they are directed at 5) It is deliberate in nature; that is, there is a conscious goal of harming the victim 6) In general, it is assumed that these actions are not provoked by the victim 7) The abuse may be enacted by an individual or group, and the object of abuse may be one or more individuals, although there is usually a single victim 8) A form of aggression in which one or more children intend to harm or disturb another child who is perceived as being unable to defend himself or herself (Glew, Rivara & Feudtner) One of the reasons that bullying occurs is that, there is a “systemic abuse of power... ... middle of paper ... ...tening. Thus, victims cope by trying to keep themselves invisible. Adults who interact with victims have to extremely sensitive and gentle to ensure normalization of the experience. Thus, breaking the victim’s isolation and motivating them to build relations and friendship with at least few or even one and sustain it. The victim can also be paired with an older buddy for a sense of protection and to overcome the loneliness and create a social status. Focusing only on eliminating the behaviour has proved to less effective than having a simultaneous focus on constructing a positive context. Multicomponent interventions that focus on the child, the family, the school and the community appear to be particularly efficacious. School counsellors are in the best place to help in put policies in school that can take a school-wide comprehensive approach to prevent bullying.

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